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Philippa Lovrek

Philippa Lovrek (29) is a Nutritionist and Movement Coach based in Vienna and Co-Founder of BASENBOX.

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Philippa Lovrek (29) is a Nutritionist and Movement Coach based in Vienna, and Co-Founder of BASENBOX.

 Philippa’s aim is to guide her clients on optimising their daily nutrition, with a healthy living and regular exercise approach in order to balance their often hectic and fast paced daily schedules.  Her mantra is to make things easy, effective and inexpensive, and thereby really worth it for her clients. Together with her brother Leopold and her friend Albert she founded the company BASENBOX.

The BASENBOX offers a multi-day (5 or 10 day) organic alkaline nutrition program, freshly delivered to your home or office daily that provides you with healthy, alkaline based dishes to increase your overall well-being!

What is the BASENBOX diet?

When creating the BASENBOX back in February last year, we had one main objective – making it easy for you to combine a healthy diet and busy schedule. Much of what we consume nowadays are so called “acid-forming” foods, meaning they transform into acid once digested.  This type of food intake combined with high sugar and salty foods can often over time lead to the so called ‘society diseases’  diabetes, obesity and sometimes even depression.

While working as a nutritionist it dawned on me that what was keeping my clients from healthier meals was often the concept of ‘diet’ meaning some sort of deprivation. A lack of understanding of what really is healthy food, as well as having little or no time to cook or shop made it difficult for them to eat a balanced and healthy diet.

The concept with the BASENBOX is to offer a 5 to 10 day alkaline forming meal plan, each box containing  three meals per day, prepared and delivered freshly to your door, by one of our great team of cyclists.   This means you don’t have to research and shop what to cook, and have no hassle at all as everything is delivered to your place of choice.


What is an alkaline forming diet?

An alkaline diet is based on vegetables, whole-grain products and fruits, as these ingredients develop very low levels of acidity in our bodies during digestion. Following an alkaline diet is diverse and doesn’t have to feel like depriving yourself, however, what you will never find in our meals are meat, sugar and white flour, as these are highly acid-forming.


How does an alkaline plan with BASENBOX work?

If you join the BASENBOX plan you will receive a daily box with breakfast, lunch and dinner that will have been prepared and cooked freshly that day, using only seasonal and organic products from local farmers. A team of cyclists will deliver these to your home, work or wherever you would like (within Vienna). Each package contains a personalised letter detailing the menu of the day, listing the ingredients used and how these will have a positive impact on your heath. It is very important for us to inform our clients of the ingredients and share with them the alkaline recipes, in the hope it will help them continue with a healthy diet beyond the BASENBOX plan. Clients can select any length of days between a 5 to 10 day plan, and you can even order for the whole family.


What results can I expect at the end of the alkaline plan?

  1. Your nutrient reserves will be refilled
  2. Your energy levels will be improved
  3. You will feel lighter
  4. You will improve your general well-being
  5. You will sleep better
  6. You will become more active
  7. You will relieve your organs
  8. Your body will ultimately thank you

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