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Street-Style Look: Tara Meran

(Images featuring Tara Meran 6 months pregnant with number 4)

You’re running your own maternity line and raising 4 kids in Vienna. What is your advice on staying balanced with such a hectic schedule? 

I currently feel that there is plenty of room for improvement, as being a perfectionist I want to do everything myself and am not the best at delegating.  I insist on taking part in all school and kindergarten events personally. Obviously time management between school timetables, the office and home (which are geographically only a few blocks apart!) is paramount.  Added to the mix I have a great team in the office, as well as the best support in childcare at home which are my pillars to success. I guess what is mostly forgotten in the schedule is the weekly “me” time, but I am working on building in more contingency as my littlest one gets older.  I believe anyone’s efficiency suffers when not taking time out of the day-to-day routine, whether it being time out with my husband, lunch with a friend, an exercise class or just being able to read.  I love strolling around the city centre to absorb new trends, as I often find I come back recharged.

What does your usual day look like?

I’m usually up by 6:45, getting the kids ready for school and kindergarten. School starts at 7:45am here in Vienna, which is relatively early in comparison to other countries.  Then I head via home to take my son and daughter to kindergarten and nursery, from which I’m already en route to the office, where I spend until the early afternoon. Before I head off again on the school run, followed by lots of baby time, home work and grocery shopping. In the summer months I reduce my office hours to take the children to football, swimming and tennis training which is nearby in a sports club in a wonderfully large public park. This is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors with other families and to enjoy the summer weather.

What did you miss most while pregnant? 

Mostly, sports like skiing, tennis and everything slightly more adventurous, which have been put on the back burner over the last 7 years due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Of course there is all the more exotic travel to far-flung destinations; I miss the colours, the scents, foods and the inspiration from cultures further afield. Admittedly living in mainland Europe has been a great help in enabling spontaneous trips in the car to the Lido in Venice, weekends in Austrian ski-resorts, city trips to Prague and Budapest, or summer holidays in Croatia.

What was the secret behind your Mummy Glow? Did you have a beauty routine during your pregnancy?

It’s kind of you to call it a “glow”, while I was pregnant I tended to feel more self-conscious. I’ve found every pregnancy very different to the next, and have always been very fortunate in that I’ve always felt well and not had any common issues such as nausea or excessive tiredness. Beauty routines always have to be uncomplicated, “no-fuss” and not too time consuming. Here I follow the daily regime prescribed to me by my dermatologist, with slight adaptations for body care during pregnancy. During pregnancies my little luxury consisted of monthly osteopathic treatments and lymphatic drainage massages, which helped me greatly in keeping balanced and feeling on top of the world.

Your favourite Mom/Mom-to-be Blogs and/or magazines? 

As it was my fourth pregnancy, I felt like I had read up on all the pregnancy books and websites.   As I do now post pregnancy, I tend to read (if I find a quiet moment!) online news, fashion articles or international fashion magazines.