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Street-Style Look: Leni Korp

While studying law, I quickly recognized that the fast entrepreneurial environment in the online sector combined with working with ambitious young people in an unconventional surrounding is what makes me happiest. I adore the fact that motivation, input and hard work can get you along the career ladder very quickly in such a dynamic environment.


What does your day/ week look like with your demanding schedule  when you are often travelling between several countries?


I live in Vienna, and travel to Germany and/or Switzerland nearly every week. On weekends I often hop on a plane to London to see my boyfriend. Although it can sometimes become quite tiring living out of a suitcase, while sleeping in up to 3 different cities each week, it is also what gives me energy and that exciting buzz.


Do you exercise regularly, while at home or travelling?  If yes, what do you do?


When traveling a lot it can be difficult to plan the time for a regular work-out regime, so it involves a lot of discipline. I usually work-out five times a week; with my personal trainer in Vienna, and running in the mornings when travelling. Daily exercise gives me the much needed balance in my highly scheduled and pressured work/ travel life and I couldn't imagine my daily routine without sport. The wonderful thing about running is that no matter where you are, all you need is a pair of good trainers and your legs, and off you go. It is also a great way to explore new cities and grab a green juice on the way back to the hotel to start the day.


What can’t you live without beauty/ fashion wise on your travels?


I try to keep my luggage as minimal as possible as I never check-in luggage to limit my time at the airport, thereby travelling as efficiently as possible. I have small travel-sized bottles of all my favorite beauty products: Amino Acid shampoo from Kiehls , face cream and serum from Clarins and something I would never travel without: my Do Son perfume from Diptyque. The Masque Creme "Anti-Soif" from Clarins keeps my skin hydrated when particularly while flying a lot.

Fashion-wise my clothes have to be comfortable and stylish.


What are your must-have fashion buys this season? 


Off-the-shoulder blouses, high waist "Marlene trousers," with cut off tops and crocheted bikinis.


What were your favourite SLACKS & CO. item picks for a career woman, to take you from office to evening.


I love the SLACKS & CO. trousers - they are so comfortable and easy to combine with whatever you have in your suitcase. Their blouses are a great choice if you are looking for an elegant and classic option. What I love about SLACKS & CO. is that their timeless cuts make it possible to have a professional option during the day that easily transforms into a more glamorous one with a pair of heels and jewelry in the evening.