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Street-Style Look: Teresa Rotschopf

Sometimes I work an an art direction, sometimes as an actress. I do many different things at once, which sometimes is confusing but mostly fun. And also it's what represents me most as a person. So - Career wise I've always been doing it that way, and I mostly try to let everything I do intervene and inspire each other. My heart belongs to my music and that's also the path that's most important to me. Being on stage, composing, writing, sing. 

I joined my first band when I was going to University to get my masters degree in Sociology, and we grew pretty quickly, recorded 4 Albums and did a lot of touring. After that I started my own band "O", and we just finished our first Album. Right now we're looking for a label, which is pretty exciting.  

Apart from that I started to work as a model right after school and did that for some time - that's where my interest in being a fashion stylist came from, and that's something I still do. 

I've also done Art Direction, and worked for a fashion brand. And I designed Art Catalogues; of these I am particularly proud. I sometimes act. And I have a masters degree in Sociology.

There were times in my life when everything I was doing job wise seemed too much, and I tried to break it down to just this ONE thing. But that didn't make me happy. I never had this one road. I try to cherish every opportunity that comes my way and see it as a way to learn and grow.

Most importantly though: I am a very proud mom. And lover. And wife to be.

  1. What is the best career advice you could offer mothers / mothers-to-be looking to balance career with motherhood?

Do get lost in having a baby and in everything it brings with it. It's so so so magic. Forget about the rest of the world. But not for too long. Still remember who you are and where you want to go outside from being a mom.

Don't feel guilty. Be present when you are with your kids. And if possible and needed, get help for stuff that overwhelms you. 

Don't try to be perfect.


  1. What does your usual day look like? What do you do when you have a moment to yourself?

It totally depends what's on my schedule. One day never looks like the other. This is what I love about my career, although it can be exhausting at times as well. Right now I am rehearsing for a chamber opera that will premiere this week. Next week I'll hopefully have time to pick up the work on my second album again. 


  1. As a stylist what would be your style advice to any expecting moms?

Don't feel any limitations just because you're getting curvy. Embrace every change your body shows and go with it. I loved being pregnant very much and felt really beautiful - so for me it was easy to celebrate my pregnancy. 

But I guess for women who struggle a little more: wear stuff that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable - I wore a lot of skinny jeans and men's shirts, you can leave the first couple of buttons open and show off your cleavage (which I usually don't have). Don't try to hide anything. My son was born in July so in the end I wore oversized T-shirt dresses. Don't think that you need to wear high heels 9 months pregnant (unless you really want to or you're one of the Kardashians).


  1. What do you hope your children learn from you?

To embrace differences and be attentive towards what surrounds us. People, nature. The world in general because I think it's really exciting.

But I think it’s much more about what we teach each other. And kids really know how the push you towards your limits. So there still is a lot of learning to be done myself.


  1. Why did you pick this style from Slacks & Co.?

The first time I saw the collection I thought, "man! Why didn't I know this existed when I was pregnant?!"- I just love the fabrics and the way everything is thought about, and tried out, and worked on until it's perfect. Then I saw their PJs- and totally fell for them. So elegant to wake up and feel dressed. Much better than the old T-shirts and worn out sweat pants that I used to wear before. Actually my first Pyjama was a gift from Tara - which makes it even more cherished. Now I own a couple of them and don't wear anything else in bed.

And sometimes also beyond.