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Street-Style Look: Claire

  1. What is the best career advice you could offer mothers / mothers-to-be looking to balance career with motherhood?

It all comes down to time management and good childcare. You can only feel happy and confident at work if you know your children are in good hands. Never forget yourself- try to find some time for yourself- by this I mean not tiding up the flat or running errands like grocery shopping but doing things you truly enjoy which will make you feel re-energized and pampered.


  1. How has motherhood changed your lifestyle?


Time has become the most valuable good. I treasure every moment as you realise how perishable everything is. My days are planned through and spontaneity is a luxury which when it happens is the best. My priorities have shifted. My family is most important and things that you used to matter have become trivial.


  1. What do you hope your children learn from you?


I want them to be free spirited but family oriented and grounded at the same time! I definitely want them to be more carefree than I am, I was far too self critical and uneasy when I was younger and I guess I missed out, my husband is a great support and I would love my children to be as confident and assure.


  1. What did you find to be the most difficult part of being pregnant?


At the end of pregnancy I became weary and immobile, I really disliked being like that as I love buzzing around and being energetic. Having the occasional drink/s - I really missed it!


  1. Why did you pick this style from Slacks & Co.?


The CLAIRE blouse was one of my favourite Spring Summer 16 designs (hence the name .-)) - I am at the office today- heading to a music class with my son in the afternoon- I wanted something easy but not too playful - A pair of jeans combined with this sleek blouse in powdery hues infuses an aura of romantic flair to my casual office look.