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About me

Anastasia Podkopaeva

Anastasia Podkopaeva

I’m the Founder of the Maternity Boutique Bornsoon chain of stores in Russia.

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INTERVIEW with the Founder of Maternity Boutique Bornsoon


Please introduce yourself shortly
My name is Anastasia Podkopaeva and I’m the Founder of the Maternity Boutique Bornsoon chain of stores in Russia.

What inspired you to open Bornsoon ?
My first pregnancy and the deficit of stylish maternity wear that was available in Russia.

What is your vision for your store that makes your shop so different?
It’s an absolutely unique mum’s world, with the best worldwide sourced maternity wear and accessories.

What were you doing career wise before you opened Bornsoon ?
For almost 10 years I was working in marketing for a telecommunications company.

Bornsoon is by far one of the most trendy maternity boutiques, do you have any advice for mums to be how to stay fashionable during pregnancy?
I would say this is my motto and my advice would be – to chose what is comfortable for you and to wear clothes which makes you feel beautiful, good and relaxed, even if you are not following the latest trend of the season.

What are the key trends for 2016 and must-haves for all mothers to be?
Treggings – e.g. SLACKS&CO.’s Dallas faux leather treggings (in all colours: brown, aubergine, grey and black), Jeans – e.g. SLACKS&CO.’s Soho, cool blouses, sweaters and dresses.

As many clients come to your store very frequently in a short period of time, how do you ensure you have fresh looks/ something new to offer them?
We always mix different styles and update the offering and merchandising around the store. We always create new looks and always try to present some fresh cool items that could make the older style play with the new colourways in store.

The concept of your store Bornsoon is so successful, are you planning further expansions or new projects?
Yes, we are very active at the moment.  Next month we will open new shop in Ekaterinburg and for year 2016 we are in the process of planning the opening of two to three more boutiques, so keep an eye on our website for any news on the store openings.


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