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Slacksionista Clarissa opens up about her first pregnancy and living a more relaxed life.

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Slacksionista CLARISSA

Expecting in style with a pregnancy 'glow'

Slacksionista Clarissa opens up about her first pregnancy and living a more relaxed life.

Slacksionista Clarissa

What is the secret behind your Mummy Glow? Do you have a beauty routine?
Thank you for the wonderful compliment.  There is not really a beauty routine that I tend to follow, but I am now using more organic and less perfumed products for my face and body since becoming pregnant.

Are you doing sport since becoming pregnant?  And if so, do you treat yourself to some pampering from time to time?
Yes, I attend a pregnancy yoga class once a week and do a lot of stretching at home which I find very relaxing. Once in while I go to the spa and have a massage, which is specially devised for pregnant women.

How do you look after your growing belly?
One of the products I love the most is called “Freiöl”, this is a product which you can get from the chemist and one that my mother already used when she was pregnant.

What advice were you given in preparation for motherhood?
Firstly, enjoy it.

Another good piece of advice is to prepare the baby for a routine from day one and to stick with it, this will enable the parents to have an easier time planning the daily schedule.

What is the best advice you can offer pregnant women looking to balance their career with motherhood?
I can't yet speak for mothers who balance a career with motherhood myself, as I am still expecting our first child.  The only advice I can give pregnant women while still at work,  is to take all the time you need when coming home in the evenings from the office. I normally take a bath, relax, lay down and put my feet up and make sure I get enough rest with early nights, as I need at least 9 hours of sleep.   This helps me to enjoy both my time at work while being pregnant.

A Mum to be/Mum that you admire?
My mother.

Your best fashion purchases this season? What are the aspects you pay attention to?
While pregnant I pay more attention than ever to the origins of the clothes that I purchase, and if the fabrics are chemically treated/ dyed.  While I favoured organic items, I  also tended to chose the dress/shirt with the hangtag “made in Europe” over an item made elsewhere further afield.  I am more concious of the working conditions of the people who make my clothes.  The best fashion purchases I made this season was a simple black formal jump in pant – it was perfect to combine for day and evening, office and leisure. Furthermore I purchased a “maternity Dirndl,” which is a traditional Austrian dress, which I wore frequently in the summer.  I will also be able to use it for my future pregnancies, as it is never out of fashion in Austria.

What is your favourite Slacks & Co. product and why?
The SARDINIA pants. It is the most comfortable pant and so easy to wear and combine. You always look perfectly dressed and can wear it with any top, blouse, jumper and pair of shoes that you wish to create a dressed up or dressed down look.

What are your 5 must have pieces of clothing when pregnant?
A formal blouse

A good fitting pair of jeans
A  well cut pair of tailored pant
A skirt
A dress

Your favourite Mum/Mum-to-be Blogs and/or magazines?
My favourite magazines for mums-to-be and mothers with children are “Luna” and “Luna Mom”.

How will you prepare your home for the baby? What have you already organised?
As I am now 37 weeks pregnant, I've nearly prepared everything. Firstly, things like a baby cot (mine is wooden), the car seat, a changing table and so on… and most of the clothes I have for the first 3 months after the baby is born, are still from my mother's collection as she kept everything in pristine condition.  Babies grow so quickly and I think it is such a nice idea to “recycle” the baby clothes my siblings and I already wore.

In 5 words, what kind of Mum do you want to be?
Relaxed (I hope)